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Kilronan School, Magherafelt

Animation Club!

25th Apr 2018

As part of our Extended Schools Programme, a number of pupils from J10, J11 and S1 have availed of the opportunity to stay for our Animation Club.  This is lead by Dee from the Nerve Centre and assisted by Naomi, Julie-Anne and Colette from Kilronan.

We are part of a cluster group and we are delighted to be able to work with a number of children from Knocknagin Primary School and Desertmartin Primary School .

During the sessions the children are given the chance to play a starring role in our very own version of the BFG. They have also had the opportunity to take on different roles, such as, Director, Props person or the Camera person. This has been very educational and exciting so far. The pupils are all developing their ICT skills in how to use the camera on an ipad, and how to use new programs/Apps such as Green Screen and iMovie. We are also learning  about different camera angles and their uses, for example,a close up, a long shot, a low angle shot or a high angle shot. These can be used to show emotion, make someone look large or small and help to make a movie more dramatic. Remember to keep checking back regularly to see our final edit of the BFG!