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Kilronan School, Magherafelt


Hello and welcome to S1’s area on our school website. S1 are a wonderful group of eight Year 8 and 9 students, with 7 clever boys and one brilliant girl. We follow the Key Stage 3 Northern Ireland Curriculum, which is tailored and personalised at a level appropriate to our diverse needs and learning styles. We aim to place independence at the centre of everything we do and focus on developing each student’s self-help skills for life, learning and employability opportunities.

In S1 we incorporate all areas of the curriculum into our school week. In Mathematics and Numeracy, we begin to additionally focus on Financial Capability, and in Language and Literacy, we include English with Media. Learning for Life and Work (LLW) is an important area of learning for us, and includes; Employability, Home Economics, Local & Global Citizenship and Personal Development. We continue to develop our ICT, mathematics and communication skills through all subject areas.

We enjoy exploring these areas through topic work and are developing our self-help skills at every opportunity. Sensory activities are also used to reinforce the learning experience and, in some instances, these activities are used to help the pupil to relax and become calm, in preparation for their learning and acquiring life-long knowledge and skills.

We really hope you enjoy following our learning journey this school year in S1!