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Kilronan School, Magherafelt

Maths Week Ireland 2018

3rd Dec 2018

Maths Week Ireland 2018 took place in Kilronan School from 15th October - 19th October.

All classes in Kilronan School participated in Maths Week. It was a lovely opportunity to focus on Numeracy /Maths, and to have time to enjoy the activities.

This year S2 focused on “Maths in Real Life” and had good fun participating in lots of numeracy activities in a variety of subject areas.

We sorted coins, including large foam coins, and helped count the £1 coins from the Kilronan Coffee Morning. We learned how to bag coins for the bank and we then lodged the money in the local bank and forwarded it to the N.I Hospice.

When delivering the Kilronan Diaries we made sure that every classroom had the appropriate Numicon shape on the door to represent each class.This helped pupils to find the right classroom, when delivering messages.

We also worked with 2D shapes, talked about the shapes and designed a lovely carpet using carpet shape tiles. We also had great fun playing Numicon Bingo and the usual Bingo, for prizes!

In P.E we used the large Numicon 10 shape for target practice and had treasure hunt team games to find, for example, bean bags numbered 1-5, and put them in order first, to win.

Numeracy came into Sensory Integration as well. Circuits were completed, timed and recorded by pupils to find the winner!

Numeracy also appeared in Science. The pupils were participating in a mini -treasure hunt in the school grounds. There was a point given for every different object found in the school grounds e.g. a pebble, a fir cone etc

The winner was the person with the most points in the Mini – Treasure Box challenge !