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Kilronan School, Magherafelt

Pancake Tuesday!

5th Mar 2019

Things were a little 'pancake' in J3 today!! We learnt a new song called 'Mix a Pancake' in circle time and then went on to make pancakes for our break. We had a great time exploring all the ingredients, examining their texture and smell. We mixed all the ingredients together to make a sloppy batter. It was great fun watching how the batter bubbled and popped in the pan, then turned into delicious pancakes! We had lots of choices for toppings but chocolate was the most popular. They were yummy!! We listened to the story about the Big Fat Pancake and sequenced the story afterwards. In our phonics group we talked about the ingredients we used to make the pancakes and sorted the items according to their initial sound. Some of us had a go making a sentence about what we put on our pancakes. It was a really fun day.