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Kilronan School, Magherafelt

Painted Lady Butterflies

7th May 2018

J6 have been observing carefully as their 5 caterpillars have changed before their eyes.

  • Each day our tiny caterpillars got bigger and bigger.
  • They came with enough food to last them and they kept eating and they kept growing.
  • They created what looked like a web, which was the caterpillars spinning their silk to protect themselves.
  • When they were 10x their original size they climbed to the top of the cup, formed a j shape and became chrysalides.
  • After 3 days we moved the chrysalides from the cup to the butterfly habitat and waited.
  • The caterpillar parts inside the chrysalis were liquefying and re-arranging to become beautiful butterflies.
  • The chrysalis started to go a dark colour and the next morning the butterflies had emerged.
  • Butterflies enjoy an all liquid diet and feed mainly on nectar from flowers and fruit.
  • We have been feeding some fruit and creating a nectar with water and sugar. 
  • We hope to release our butterflies on the next warm day, in a sunny spot so they can warm their flight muscles to fly.

Have a look at just a few of the stages we captured on camera....