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Kilronan School, Magherafelt

Write Away

11th Jan 2023

We started our new term with the topic Write Away. Pupils have enjoyed talking and writing about their personal experiences over Christmas and are enjoying our current book focus of The Highway Rat.

We talked about healthy eating and discussed whether the food mentioned in The Highway Rat was healthy or unhealthy. Some of us thought chocolates and buns should be healthy just because they taste good!! We sampled some fruit and talked about having a balanced diet.

During Activity Based Learning we played some memory games and had a go spelling and writing some topic words in glitter trays. We sorted a collection of food for healthy and unhealthy and followed some step by step instructions to draw animals from the story.

The duck in the story discovered an echoey cave and we experimented with different ways we could makes echoes. We shouted into cups and tubes and found that when we put cotton wool into a cup the echo was not as loud. This showed us that sound bounces off hard surfaces and soft surfaces absorb sound. 

We discussed adjectives to describe The Highway Rat at the beginning of the story and compared and contrasted this to his character at the end of the story.